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Sat Mar 19 2011, 08:49AM Email Thread Print View

Registered Member #1154
Joined: Wed Oct 24 2007, 10:30AM
Posts: 4927
Since I am seriously trying to get the gophers, I thought I would start a new thread, aside from the squirrel thread. Here is what I have tried so far:
1. Metal traps. I had a little success with these early on, but now the little devils seem too smart for them.

2. Cat poo down the hole

3. Smoke bombs

4. Plants called gopher Purge

5. Castor oil spray that is supposed to chase them out of the yard

6. Stakes that go into the ground and emit a high frequency sound

If you have another suggestion, I would love to hear it!

By the way, Bookie has seen me in my Caddy Shack mode!
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Sat Mar 19 2011, 08:56AM

Registered Member #649
Joined: Sat Sep 15 2007, 12:34PM
Posts: 8927
That outfit alone should have done it!

No good deed goes unpunished.

Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me alone.

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Sat Mar 19 2011, 09:25AM

Registered Member #1977
Joined: Mon Dec 07 2009, 01:27PM
Posts: 130
I will be watching this thread with great interest! These little buggers are driving us crazy!!! We've tried the hose down the hole then had second thoughts seeing stories of sink holes lately haha. We've tried the flare-like things but those seem to be just pushed out.... Haven't tried the metal traps yet kind of spooked about those... But getting closer to trying those. The only option we can think of is . But I think the Big Bear Sheriff might get grumpy. Looking forward to hearing more suggestions.
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Sat Mar 19 2011, 09:42AM

Erwin Lake
Registered Member #1758
Joined: Mon Feb 16 2009, 06:17AM
Posts: 610
I had success in Missouri with Molepro
[Click Here]

I didn't bring the traps with me.

I had more success in early spring early in the day when they are most active, you might say "careless" in their burrowing. I made a game out of it over about 1/3 acre of my lawn. I nailed three of them in 2009. But it took countless setting of the traps. I found it is all in how you set the traps. They had a long established deep tunnel system so could come in from my pasture.

Here's a UC Davis link on moles, gophers, trapping, etc.

[Click Here]

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and will never be.” Thomas Jefferson

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Sat Mar 19 2011, 09:42AM

Registered Member #1154
Joined: Wed Oct 24 2007, 10:30AM
Posts: 4927
I have only seen the hose trick work one time, but it was not in my yard. It takes a tremendous amount of water $$$$$!
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Sat Mar 19 2011, 09:46AM
Registered Member #1567
Joined: Mon Jul 07 2008, 01:53PM
Posts: 47
Maybe this would work.

[Click Here]
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Sat Mar 19 2011, 10:05AM

Registered Member #1154
Joined: Wed Oct 24 2007, 10:30AM
Posts: 4927
Codger wrote ...

Maybe this would work.

[Click Here]

Dang, I can';t get it to load!
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Sat Mar 19 2011, 10:14AM
Registered Member #905
Joined: Fri Oct 05 2007, 10:18AM
Posts: 2048
Years ago, down in Quartz Hill, we had horses AND ground varmits. We were able to use Gopher Snakes/King Snakes as a control...quite effective. The occasional rattler would appear but as more horses were affected by a leg in a varmit hole than snakebite, we didn't get too concerned. Of course, there was the local idiot who stuck his hand down a hole to see if there was a snake!

To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell.
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Sat Mar 19 2011, 10:52AM

Registered Member #1154
Joined: Wed Oct 24 2007, 10:30AM
Posts: 4927
I would LOVE to have some snakes to control them, sadly all I have spotted in my yard is a garter snake, and they do not eat gophers. I spoke with a reptile specialist once who told me the reason they call them "Gopher" snakes is because they live in gopher holes, not because they eat gophers!
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Sat Mar 19 2011, 11:19AM

Registered Member #228
Joined: Sun Dec 17 2006, 07:41AM
Posts: 3241
I had luck with the vibrating things that operate on 2 D batteries.
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Aug 23 : 10:24pm
While driving UTH, my 6yo grandson asked me how I knew that everyone that was in front of me was named Dick. !!

Aug 23 : 09:33pm
Hey SCM. 3 car rule in Idaho but rarely does anyone pull in the slow vehicle pullout lane area

Aug 23 : 07:55pm
Hey Mr Owl!

Benny ⭐
Aug 23 : 07:39pm
Yeah they've even put signs up along hwy 38, 5 or more cars to pull over. Haven't noticed them on 330, and it doesn't seem like they do any good anyway.

Aug 23 : 07:25pm
Thanks for informing me!

Aug 23 : 06:36pm
I’ve been driving UTH & DTH for 21 years. One of my pet peeve‘s is when people speed up at the passing lane… Dries me nuts! If you want to drive slow pull over! The main problem is the flatlanders they think they own the road and really they’re breaking the law, I’ve seen so many driving slow and refusingi to pull over . I believe if you have five cars behind you you were supposed to pull over but this is absolutely ignored all the time. Drives me nuts

Aug 23 : 06:22pm
I think there are lots of reasons people might drive a bit slow on the 330. Unfamiliarity, vacation mode, retiree mode and/or just enjoying the view. I think I drive on the slower side because I have a dog that gets car sick and I don't like to feel like I am working hard at driving (if that makes sense). I use the turnouts unless I'm in the middle of a pack and I'm keeping up with the guy in front of me. Even then, if somebody's on my bumper I'll use a turnout. I don't have to do the drive every day so maybe it's easier for me to be relaxed about it.

Aug 23 : 03:29pm
Quakes, we usually have 2-3 military helicopters fly through every day up over Big Bear, in addition to the weekly Osprey flyovers. Not to mention the daily tour chopper(s), Mercy Air(H285), etc. The military uses our area as training grounds, which is similar terrain to Afghanistan.

Aug 23 : 02:11pm
I drive slow partially because coming around a blind turn, you never know when there maybe a bolder in the road. isn't it easy just to slow down?

Aug 23 : 02:06pm
Quakes...there are usually 3 or 2 military helicopters about every 2-3 weeks....nothing to worry about...I am in your area so they are the norm.

Aug 23 : 01:47pm
Dream, you are one of the few that actually slow down when in the right passing lane. Usually most will speed up to prevent anyone from passing them, they seem to have a mentality of "I have to be in the lead". I have always thought that it should be: Lead, follow or get out of the way. Thanks for being courteous, wish more people were like that.

Aug 23 : 01:27pm
Driving slow and safe through the curves would be ok if they did not fly through the passing lanes. When towing our boat, I actually slow down when I get to the passing lanes so no one has to risk a speeding ticket to pass me.
Just comes down to being courteous.

wade easton
Aug 23 : 01:18pm
At least on the 18 from Waterman there are 2 lanes and I can pass the vertically challenged. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't alone. I refuse to come up the 330 on Friday afternoons.

Benny ⭐
Aug 23 : 11:48am

Aug 23 : 11:44am
3 helicopters in a row just flew over my house. They appeared to be military helicopters.

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