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Looking for a 4 month long term Summer Rental

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Tue Jul 10 2018, 08:14PM Email Thread Print View

Registered Member #629
Joined: Sat Sep 15 2007, 12:12AM
Posts: 5
I have an older couple looking for a rental thru Oct. 2018?
For 27 years they have stayed in Big Bear at the Boulder Bay Condos but the Unit they normally rent has been sold?
Will most certainly consider all types of other properties to rent than a Condo!
Please advise.
Many thanks,
Lynn, the Hairstylist

"Just make today, another great day!"
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Sat Apr 20 2019, 07:41AM
Registered Member #1416
Joined: Wed Jan 30 2008, 09:26AM
Posts: 8
Did you ever find something for this couple?
Their plight sounded very familiar as I have a condo in Boulder Bay that I used to rent out for longer term summer visitors. However, my agent told me that her business insurance changed her coverages and that there now is a limit on extended stays. No tenancy longer than 45(?) days - I was not given all of the details but I guess some statistician put long-term rental experiences together with normally-short-term and came up with negative results??? Over the years I only had some very minor issues - a broken lamp shade, a missing electric blanket cord, missing Pyrex baking dishes, etc. Bottom line, this rental agent would no longer make my place available to Palm Springs escapees who wanted 2 -3 months of coolness in the summer. I checked with several other rental agencies around the hill and got the same answer everywhere. So that made a big dent in our rental income and with year-round business off, we pulled the plug and no longer rent our place out.

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Sep 17 : 07:10pm
Thx Skyline Drive...that’s amazing. I’ve skied at Sugar Bowl!

Sep 17 : 05:21pm
I guess they are coming to take me away.

Sep 17 : 04:49pm
perhaps this explains it all for ya?
[Click Here]

Sep 17 : 03:05pm
I was just curious. I didn't think it was anything I had to be overtly worried about.

Sep 17 : 03:04pm

Sep 17 : 12:20pm
Quakes its just SCE. Not a big deal.

Sep 17 : 11:25am
Thanks !!! Haz Mat Mind!

Sep 17 : 11:19am
juju--he's down the hill but comes up here often. I think he's avocado only, but I could be wrong. I'm just about to reorder.
TOMAS OLIVARES 951-487-9642, 951-492-9825 (cell)

Sep 17 : 11:18am
This helicopter has been hovering around this area over the past 3 hours and I still don't know what is going on.

Sep 17 : 10:37am
I’m not familiar with Tomas who does wood. Does anyone have his number? I assume he is up here?

Sep 17 : 10:30am
Thanks, Benny. Will keep trying.

Skyline Drive
Sep 17 : 10:16am
Truckee yesterday
[Click Here]

Benny ⭐
Sep 17 : 09:55am
Scrambled, I know Tomas has been busy, but I had my wood delivered by him last week, so did Lumber Jill and Cammy, I know he's around. Just keep calling him, he'll answer eventually!

Sep 17 : 09:23am
Good morning all. I just heard and saw on the KTLA news that Tahoe and surrounding areas got their first snowfall yesterday. I hope Benny is gearing up for this year's SNOW POLL season! It could be epic! Perhaps a radio deal with KTOT could be reached....oh wait, never mind they sort of went out of business a few decades back. Have a great day!

Rod the Photog
Sep 17 : 08:55am
thanks BB !

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