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updating apps - Delj ????

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Sat Feb 23 2019, 10:49PM Email Thread Print View

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Joined: Sun Dec 17 2006, 07:41AM
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Last week we saw numerous cases where app based GPS units attempted to send travelers to Big Bear by way of Green Valley Lake - with near disasterous results! Holeinbow had a post today 2/23/19 at 6:59 pm (check it out for a laugh) about another interesting way to get to Fawnskin.

How difficult would it be for apps like WAZE and GOOGLE MAPS to have some sort of automatic WARNING that these unpaved roads will be impassable in winter snow conditions and VERY DANGEROUS.
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Thu Mar 07 2019, 06:57PM
Joined: Fri Oct 05 2007, 10:18AM
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During the last two weeks, I've talked with Professional Truck Drivers (2), Uber /Lyft Drivers (Many), and numerous others, many of whom drive up to BB in the winter. Some GPS apps accept driver input and others do not. All of the professional drivers agreed on one point: Let the driver beware!

Drivers who blindly rely on GPS suggestions as directions can, and will, die.

Disaster has struck in winter and has struck in being on a mid-summer desert road with a disabled vehicle. Last winter, a Professional Truck Driver allowed himself to be steered onto a rural dirt road in NE Oregon and got snowed in. That driver was even a local.

Was the road impassable, the vehicle unprepared for the portrayed transit, the occupants unprepared for a stoppage? Would any warning just be ignored? How effectively can Stupidity be overcome?

To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell.
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May 20 : 09:33am
I'm quite certain if I had told my dear wife there were only 3 months without snow, we'd still be living in Huntington Beach.

May 20 : 09:33am
We've also had snow on Sept 19= a friend's birthday celebration was outside that year. Ha! Moved inside quickly!

May 20 : 09:33am
I know we had snow on June 19th a few years ago- maybe 10?

May 20 : 09:27am
I think it was 1984 we had snow on June 6th. Only remember because we had company who only brought shorts and tees. Plus it was my hubby's brother's birthday.

Lumber Jill ⭐
May 20 : 09:23am
I know sparman. I'm living in denial. I love our weather, love that our forest is getting moisture and our lake is getting water.

May 20 : 09:21am
Good morning LJ - the only months we haven't had snow since we've lived here are July, August & September. A few years back we had some on June 9th.

May 20 : 09:18am
Thanks Sparman! Yes, it is melting very fast! Better get over here to Summit quickly as we only have snow for another 5 minutes of snowboarding!

May 20 : 09:15am
3" of snow in Skyforest, melting fast.

May 20 : 09:12am
Morning Quakes! How much snow out your way?

Sun Diego
May 20 : 09:12am
Hi Quakes, Whats shaking?

May 20 : 09:06am
Good morning! Remember me?

May 20 : 08:37am
Sigalert: Highway 18 Is **closed** Between Highway 138 And Crest Forest Drive Due To Boulders Impacting Roadway More Info: [Click Here]

Benny ⭐
May 20 : 08:36am
Yeah that sounds fair Jill!

One of those oddball years.... We'll push it to June 1st next year then it'll snow June 10th.

Lumber Jill ⭐
May 20 : 08:30am
I refuse to acknowledge that we could still get more snow lol

Lumber Jill ⭐
May 20 : 08:29am
Maybe SSJ can get an honorary scm membership to recognize the real season total!

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