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Lumber Jill ⭐
Tue Jul 23 2019, 06:39AM


Joined: Sun Aug 20 2006, 02:53PM
Posts: 9635
Simba fledged this morning at 6:19

What doesn't kill me does NOT make me stronger. It makes me anxious, bitchy, and vulnerable...but nobody wants to see that embroidered on a pillow...Lisa Kogan...thx LXL...sorry i stole it from you! Ok, maybe I'm not sorry :-P

Life isn't like a box of chocolates. It's more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow...Larry the Cable Guy
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Tue Jul 23 2019, 07:35AM

Registered Member #106
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 05:53AM
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They grow up so fast. sniff sniff
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Wed Jul 31 2019, 03:20PM

Registered Member #1783
Joined: Sat Mar 14 2009, 12:18PM
Posts: 398
This is posted on Friends of Big Bear...the wonderful people with the live show"Simba"....
Please read and spread the word......

Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam
6 hrs ·
Look at the size of Simba's beautiful wing next to Shadow!
We'll pretend that Simba was stretching that out alongside dad to show us how proud he is of his big wings..., don't look at the photos showing this was actually when he made a bit of a crash landing into the limb behind dad as he tried to pull down from zipping in too fast to get that fish laying in the nest...
...and we'll whistle and look the other way when he later flies in too high and fast for mom's fish delivery and has to pass by the nest tree to keep from hitting the limb again...
We'll focus on the perfect landing he did on the next pass and all think 'congratulations to Simba, the great flyer!'
**Unfortunately, as Simba learns to hone his flying skills we have discovered that some local photographers seem to think that getting their photos is more important than giving Simba the best chance possible to learn his skills and survive on his own. The National Forest area around the nest has been and remains closed to the public specifically to give Simba that best chance of having a good, healthy and long future. Based on his a bit raggaly flying skills, how quickly Simba gets to the nest for food and that we are often hearing his squees nearby, including this morning, it is highly unlikely that Simba has left the closed area since he fledged last week. Which means that ANY PHOTOS of Simba outside of the nest, on trees other than the nest tree, were taken by someone violating that closure and putting Simba at risk as well as his parents who are trying to protect him. We are very sad to see people putting their own needs ahead of those of our beloved bald eagle family. Please do not support this entitled behavior either by being thrilled with the photos online or by buying them. That will only encourage this type of wreckless behavior against the eagles. You can have all the photos you want from the live stream and the photos we post here and the photos and videos others post here and on other sites. I post so many photos so everyone can see and download the ones they want--all with no impact to the eagles. That is why we put up the nest cam--to be able to watch and share the lives of these beautiful birds with the world without endangering them. And I ask that you to PLEASE PLEASE SPREAD the WORD about this to all your friends so that everyone understands that we all must follow the rules to keep Simba safe and happy.
A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all of you, viewers and photographers, who have visited to see the eagles from the safe viewing spots outside the closed area. We honor your integrity.
Thank you!

A veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard, or reserve - is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The 'United States of America', for an amount of 'up to and including my life.'
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Polar Orbit
Wed Aug 07 2019, 08:13AM
Registered Member #14051
Joined: Thu Mar 16 2017, 06:32PM
Posts: 193
In the forest, the mighty forest, the eaglet squees tonight.
Hush my eaglet, don't squee my eaglet, there'll be no fish tonight.
I want a fish, I want a fish, I want a fish, I want a fish,
I want a fish, I want a fish, I want a fish, I want a fish,
I want a fish, I want a fish, I want a fish, I want a fish,
I want a fish, I want a fish, I want a fish, I want a fish.

Don't blame me! I was left unsupervised!
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Thu Aug 08 2019, 04:25PM

Registered Member #13
Joined: Mon Sep 25 2006, 08:14PM
Posts: 3100
Stuck in my head all day!🤣
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Skyline Drive
Fri Aug 16 2019, 08:58AM

Registered Member #191
Joined: Tue Dec 05 2006, 06:43AM
Posts: 2679
Why the name Change from the group?

Inside the gift horse mouth
[Click Here]

!981- 2019 38 years. “I wanted a place where I could live. Now, it’s a place that maybe my kids’ kids can live.”

[Click Here]

End run

[Click Here]

[Click Here]

I hope the Indian test pattern avatar makes snowflakes melt
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Polar Orbit
Fri Aug 16 2019, 04:48PM
Registered Member #14051
Joined: Thu Mar 16 2017, 06:32PM
Posts: 193
Well, looking at the links you put out, I see,
What does that mean for their credibility?

Don't blame me! I was left unsupervised!
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Aug 23 : 09:33pm
Hey SCM. 3 car rule in Idaho but rarely does anyone pull in the slow vehicle pullout lane area

Aug 23 : 07:55pm
Hey Mr Owl!

Benny ⭐
Aug 23 : 07:39pm
Yeah they've even put signs up along hwy 38, 5 or more cars to pull over. Haven't noticed them on 330, and it doesn't seem like they do any good anyway.

Aug 23 : 07:25pm
Thanks for informing me!

Aug 23 : 06:36pm
I’ve been driving UTH & DTH for 21 years. One of my pet peeve‘s is when people speed up at the passing lane… Dries me nuts! If you want to drive slow pull over! The main problem is the flatlanders they think they own the road and really they’re breaking the law, I’ve seen so many driving slow and refusingi to pull over . I believe if you have five cars behind you you were supposed to pull over but this is absolutely ignored all the time. Drives me nuts

Aug 23 : 06:22pm
I think there are lots of reasons people might drive a bit slow on the 330. Unfamiliarity, vacation mode, retiree mode and/or just enjoying the view. I think I drive on the slower side because I have a dog that gets car sick and I don't like to feel like I am working hard at driving (if that makes sense). I use the turnouts unless I'm in the middle of a pack and I'm keeping up with the guy in front of me. Even then, if somebody's on my bumper I'll use a turnout. I don't have to do the drive every day so maybe it's easier for me to be relaxed about it.

Aug 23 : 03:29pm
Quakes, we usually have 2-3 military helicopters fly through every day up over Big Bear, in addition to the weekly Osprey flyovers. Not to mention the daily tour chopper(s), Mercy Air(H285), etc. The military uses our area as training grounds, which is similar terrain to Afghanistan.

Aug 23 : 02:11pm
I drive slow partially because coming around a blind turn, you never know when there maybe a bolder in the road. isn't it easy just to slow down?

Aug 23 : 02:06pm
Quakes...there are usually 3 or 2 military helicopters about every 2-3 weeks....nothing to worry about...I am in your area so they are the norm.

Aug 23 : 01:47pm
Dream, you are one of the few that actually slow down when in the right passing lane. Usually most will speed up to prevent anyone from passing them, they seem to have a mentality of "I have to be in the lead". I have always thought that it should be: Lead, follow or get out of the way. Thanks for being courteous, wish more people were like that.

Aug 23 : 01:27pm
Driving slow and safe through the curves would be ok if they did not fly through the passing lanes. When towing our boat, I actually slow down when I get to the passing lanes so no one has to risk a speeding ticket to pass me.
Just comes down to being courteous.

wade easton
Aug 23 : 01:18pm
At least on the 18 from Waterman there are 2 lanes and I can pass the vertically challenged. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't alone. I refuse to come up the 330 on Friday afternoons.

Benny ⭐
Aug 23 : 11:48am

Aug 23 : 11:44am
3 helicopters in a row just flew over my house. They appeared to be military helicopters.

Airport Razz
Aug 23 : 11:39am
Really, after 10 years up and down you have to question why DTH dad is driving like either great grandpa or mario andrette?? Wife yelling at him, kids throwing up, and looking at the cliff he is going to drive off in the next 30 seconds. that is why we call them FlatLanders........OOPS.....Vertica lly Challenged to be PC

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