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Snakes in BB and your pets

Author Post
Deb Doodah⭐
Wed Aug 14 2019, 04:35PM Email Thread Print View

Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 01:02PM
Posts: 3815
This was posted in chat today and I felt it was too important to be missed by the chat box scrolling. .

Aug 14 : 09:56am
Afternoon all! Craig from VCA here. Just a quick PSA to remind you to watch out for snakes this season. We are averaging a bite every 7-10 days at the animal hospital. Two have been neurological venom snakes and both dogs died from the effects. They have been primarily in the Holcomb and Hannah Flats area, but the last one was over by the gun club on North Shore. That was one of the fatalities, so we just wanted to help spread the word. Its a busy snake season and we do have hybridized snakes carrying neurotoxic venom...not just the traditional hemotoxic variety.
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©ammy ⭐
Sat Aug 17 2019, 08:10PM

Joined: Sat Aug 19 2006, 06:01PM
Posts: 13021
Thanks for putting that here, Deb - I'd missed it in the chatbox.
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©ammy ⭐
Sat Aug 17 2019, 08:19PM

Joined: Sat Aug 19 2006, 06:01PM
Posts: 13021
I tracked down this recent blog post from the website of SCM member Pawdlife: [Click Here]
It's got a bunch of good details about rattlesnakes around the Big Bear area.
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Tue Aug 20 2019, 10:46PM

Registered Member #2069
Joined: Mon Feb 08 2010, 05:57PM
Posts: 474
Some Mojave snakes have adapted to be both Neurotoxic and Hemotoxic. This makes their bites more difficult to treat, as you don't know which type or mix of venom a particular population may have.

[Click Here]
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Wed Aug 21 2019, 08:16AM

Kaagwaantaan Tlingit
Registered Member #14258
Joined: Tue Jun 20 2017, 09:19PM
Posts: 173
Thanks for the link Jelly.... it says in the article they live at an altitude up to 5000 ft. Big bear city sits at 6700 ft. are they still a threat, or is the article wrong?

When you’re happy you enjoy the music, when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.
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Wed Aug 21 2019, 06:22PM

Registered Member #2069
Joined: Mon Feb 08 2010, 05:57PM
Posts: 474
The ecology in Baldwin Lake is very similar to lower elevations. We have beavertail cactus, sage brush, rabbit brush, desert prickley poppy - and Mojave snakes. It just is a bit colder in winter.
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Mon Sep 09 2019, 09:14PM

Registered Member #2093
Joined: Fri Mar 12 2010, 11:24PM
Posts: 1181
Get your dogs avoidance trained! It saves their lives- and could save yours as they alert to snakes much earlier than our senses notify us!!
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©ammy ⭐
Sep 17 : 08:33pm
Craig!!! Did you go skiing?

Craig ⭐
Sep 17 : 08:25pm
Wishing a speedy recovery to Ben our weather guru after being involved in a motorcycle TC this past Saturday. Sending positive vibes your way my friend...

Craig ⭐
Sep 17 : 08:11pm
I'm up in squaw valley for meetings and yes it did snow yesterday. Scary!! Lol mt rose had an inch or two of accumulation.

Sep 17 : 07:10pm
Thx Skyline Drive...that’s amazing. I’ve skied at Sugar Bowl!

Sep 17 : 05:21pm
I guess they are coming to take me away.

Sep 17 : 04:49pm
perhaps this explains it all for ya?
[Click Here]

Sep 17 : 03:05pm
I was just curious. I didn't think it was anything I had to be overtly worried about.

Sep 17 : 03:04pm

Sep 17 : 12:20pm
Quakes its just SCE. Not a big deal.

Sep 17 : 11:25am
Thanks !!! Haz Mat Mind!

Sep 17 : 11:19am
juju--he's down the hill but comes up here often. I think he's avocado only, but I could be wrong. I'm just about to reorder.
TOMAS OLIVARES 951-487-9642, 951-492-9825 (cell)

Sep 17 : 11:18am
This helicopter has been hovering around this area over the past 3 hours and I still don't know what is going on.

Sep 17 : 10:37am
I’m not familiar with Tomas who does wood. Does anyone have his number? I assume he is up here?

Sep 17 : 10:30am
Thanks, Benny. Will keep trying.

Skyline Drive
Sep 17 : 10:16am
Truckee yesterday
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