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Sad Day

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Author Post
Thu Jun 25 2020, 05:57PM

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Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 01:47PM
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So sorry

Summer will be here soon!
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Deb Doodah⭐
Sep 18 : 10:30am
Nancyplants - you can get up to the minute updates here at SCM.

Sep 18 : 10:28am
You'd think BB fire Dept or the Mayor would be a little more forthcoming with community updates. What are they too busy packing?

Cyndi Matt
Sep 18 : 10:00am
Please pray for the fire fighter died last night trying to save lives God bless them all.

Sep 18 : 09:43am
Spotting possible “up to 1 mile today”. Let’s hope they can get more helo’s back to support ground crews!!!! RIP our fallen one. 🙏

Sep 18 : 09:39am
Forsee Creek

[Click Here] Forsee Creek
California 92305

Skyline Drive
Sep 18 : 09:37am
Thanks Setson Good LUCK to you

Sep 18 : 09:35am
Going northeast from 38 Forsee creek is quite steep

Sep 18 : 09:34am
Skyline - the comment about the fire and Forsee creek, the fire as referred to there is in the south of 38.
The creek itself passes under 38 and therefore is actually north and south of the road, but not the fire at that point.

Stetson Creek
Sep 18 : 09:32am
Skyline Drive, Forcee Creek crosses Highway 38 to the north at camp Cedar Falls. It travels through the camp and continues to the Santa A a River at the Weesha Club.

Sep 18 : 09:24am
one of the cities

Sep 18 : 09:23am
maybe a type of memory for the fire fighter who lost his/her life within on the cities he last performed his service (FF or BB) street name or some type of outside structure to recognize him/her

Sep 18 : 09:23am
@BigBearSheriff: During a traffic stop, deputies arrest Tony Verdusco for poss of methamphetamine, tar heroin, and drug paraphernalia [Click Here]

Skyline Drive
Sep 18 : 09:22am
"The fire progressed past Forsee Creek and continues to burn northeast towards San Bernardino Peak as the upcanyon winds align with topography."

Is Forsee Creek north of 38?

Sep 18 : 09:22am
RT @SanBernardinoNF: #ElDoradoFire Morning Update

The El Dorado fire burned actively overnight along Hwy 38 into Angelus Oaks. Fire was spotting into the community and was quickly extinguished by fire crews providing structure defense.

[Click Here] [Click Here]

Sep 18 : 09:18am
Actually InciWeb was worded slightly differently in their morning update of Current Conditions:

[Click Here]

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