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Fri Aug 07 2020, 10:14PM Email Thread Print View

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Joined: Wed Dec 26 2007, 08:50PM
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Cause: Human Caused
Fuels Involved: Chaparral & Brush
Size: 30,517 acres
Location: Banning Canyon
Injuries: 1
Homes destroyed: 4
Percent contained: 30%
Strategy: Full Suppression
Resources: Hand Crews: 42, Engines: 276, Dozers: 24, Helicopters: 18, Fixed wing: 2, Water Tenders: 40, Total Personnel: 2,845

Current Situation: Today firefighters continued a firing operation that began last night. Firefighters used dozer line, hand line and a road as a fuel break as they fired out vegetation along the eastern edge of the fire. This planned operation involved burning along three miles of line. The fire carried into a continuous fuel bed in steep rugged terrain that was inaccessible by vehicle or on foot. The operation put up an impressive column of smoke most of the day. That column dissipated in late afternoon as the fuels were consumed. Firefighters will be working that area over the next few days, improving the line by extinguishing any materials near the line that could potentially spot across the new perimeter.

An Evacuation Order was lifted for the Oak Glen area of San Bernardino County today. Successful work over the last several days has reduced the threat to the area considerably. Firefighters will continue working on the Yucaipa Ridge to improve the perimeter line. The number of structure protection resources in Oak Glen and Forest Falls will be reduced as the lines become more secure.

The fire has stayed in place in the San Gorgonio Wilderness to the north. Tomorrow, two teams of firefighters will be flown to the area and will begin to build perimeter control line around the northeast portion of the fire, primarily in the wilderness.

The southern portion of the fire remains in patrol status.

Evacuations / Closures: In Riverside County Evacuation Warnings are in effect for the following:
- all areas east of Potrero Road, north of Morongo Road, west of Whitewater Canyon and south of the San Bernardino County Line
- all areas west of HWY 62, north of Interstate 10, South of the San Bernardino county line and east of Whitewater Canyon

Riverside County residents: please visit [Click Here] for an interactive map that will allow you to enter your address to determine if you are within these evacuation warning areas.

In San Bernardino County Evacuation Warnings are in effect for the following areas:
- Forest Falls, Pioneertown, Rimrock, the community of Morongo Valley, including both sides of Highway 62

San Bernardino County residents: please visit [Click Here] to sign up for emergency alerts for your area.

The San Gorgonio Wilderness has been closed to all use. An Emergency Forest Closure Order is in effect as of August 2, 2020. The order prohibits all entry into the San Gorgonio Wilderness and some adjacent areas. Additionally, all Forest Service recreation areas in the Forest Falls area are closed. Fire restrictions have increased across the San Bernardino National Forest. Please refer to the Forest web page at [Click Here] for additional details.

Weather: Warmer and drier conditions are expected over the next few days. Temperatures are expected to be 85 to 95 degrees with decreasing humidity over the fire area.

The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail: Due to closures in both the San Bernardino National Forest and the Bureau of Land management The PCT is closed to all traffic between the Cottonwood Trailhead, near the community of San Gorgonio and Forest Road 1N101 (Pipes Canyon Road).

Smoke Advisory: Smoke from the Apple Fire has impacted communities to the east. Unhealthful air quality can result in the exacerbation of some medical issues, especially lung problems. Residents with medical issues affected by smoke are encouraged to stay indoors and avoid strenuous activity is smoky conditions.

Donations: Two Apple Fire camps have been established. The camps are essentially small cities that include sleeping areas, a business area and a large kitchen that provides all assigned personnel three meals per day. Area residents who wish to make food donations are encouraged to contribute to local food pantries.

Cooperating and Assisting Organizations: Riverside County Emergency Management Department, Morongo Band of Mission Indians, Riverside County Sheriffs, San Bernardino County Sheriffs, San Bernardino County Fire, California Highway Patrol and Southern California Edison.

Safety Message: In addition to dealing with the inherent hazards of fighting a wildland fire, firefighters are taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by limiting inter-crew face-to-face interactions to what is operationally necessary to engage the fire safely.

There is a temporary flight restriction over the fire and vicinity. It is illegal to fly drones within the restricted area. Remember, “When you fly, we can’t”.

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Sep 18 : 12:47am
Jeff, I didn't know you were Spectre here on SCM. I have always loved your coverage and the videos from the scene today were very eye-opening. Stay safe and I hope you are well! -Craig

Benny ⭐
Sep 18 : 12:44am
Great vids Jeff, thx for those. Be safe out there!

Sep 18 : 12:32am
Hey Jeff. I just wanted to say I enjoy your videos.Keep up the good work and be safe!

Sep 18 : 12:16am
Im JEff James, i run the Redlands Buzz feed. Been following fires for about 40 years. Worked comms for military and FD and PD for years. I know a little about whats going on and i listen to the same scanners you folks are listening. I was also round FD people with their radios going and talking to them and will lester, the OC register reporter. I jsut got a twitter of fire jumping dozer lines and imoacting homes around pinezanita and 7 oaks. For a llong time FD was putting out fire was not on north side of hwy 38 and then released a map showing it was.

I dont know SilentSkys background, but it appears they are the armchair QB and random guy.

Ive been on here for a long time, not active until big events usually. And as someone mentioned, you can always turn the vol down instead of whining on here.

Sep 18 : 12:12am
Any word on the missing firefighter? Prayers going up

Sep 18 : 12:06am
The fire can now be seen from town in Fawnskin

Sep 17 : 11:54pm
The end of Part 6 gives a very good perspective of what the fire looks like near AO & what our firefighters are dealing with.

At one point, while he is sitting along the side of the road, the search helicopter that is looking for the missing firefighter goes over.

Again, he makes some erroneous statements about the fire’s activity, where rumors can be started and spread. He even makes a statement near the end how he thinks, “...they would be evacuating Big Bear.


I stopped watching it there since it was almost over...

Anyway, this could be a source of misinformation.

Dan B
Sep 17 : 11:43pm
If you want to get the most out of the Redlands Buzz videos, watch on mute. Footage is good, commentary is clueless.

Sep 17 : 11:33pm
Thank you for sharing those links SilentSky!

Sep 17 : 11:32pm
Per Scanner, the ground troops are doing a great job picking up these spot fires that have been popping up. They have a lot of resources out there and they are kicking butt!

Sep 17 : 11:30pm
Here are links to Redlands Buzz’s videos that were live earlier, Part 5 & Part 6. Even though he talks about the fire crossing the 38, if one watches the end of Part 6, from what I could tell, the fire is all to the south of the 38. Yet at the end of the video he is still talking about it crossing, but I could not see that it did. I believe it ended about 10:00 pm. Take a look for yourself, fast forward Part 6 to where he stops along the side of the road, watch a bit, then fast foward to where he starts to drive again. He ends at The Oaks Restaurant pull out area.

Part5: [Click Here]

Part 6: [Click Here]

Sep 17 : 11:05pm
As it was mentioned before, hot spots are to be expected. We don't need to be fanning the flames in the chat box!

Sep 17 : 11:01pm
To be fair the scanner has said there is a couple established spot fires right now but nothing significant from what the scanner is saying.

Sep 17 : 10:59pm
Ya, I am not sure what perspective or assumptions that person is using but some of it directly conflicts with what is being said by Air Attack on the El Dorado scanner. I will take the live scanner over random sources.

Sep 17 : 10:56pm
Yeah I just noticed that. Thought I've been following him longer than that. Lol 😆

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