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Aug 20 : 06:02am
The chili was good, but not good enough. I Meed to get a lesson from Ben! We sold 100 tasting kits, money all goes to charity. Great local vendors too! Stay tied for more events!

Aug 19 : 08:34pm
NShore.Allen... ??? Did you win??

Benny (N6BWX)
Aug 19 : 08:30pm
Awesome, they did an slbm about this time last year too. Very cool to see!

Aug 19 : 08:06pm
hmmm... k&d link is 2015?

Aug 19 : 07:52pm
Boots, It was the launch of a Trident II (D5) missile by the U.S. Navy.
The unarmed missile launched from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine that sits off the coast of Southern California in the Pacific Test Range. The test was pre-planned although not announced or confirmed until a few hours after the launch.
[Click Here]

Aug 19 : 07:26pm
Boots here is the American Meteor sight, scroll down and you can fill out a form. [Click Here]

Aug 19 : 07:14pm
Boots if you google there is a website for reporting and cataloging fireball sightings. I found it a year or so ago when I saw that big one that broke up over Arizona.

Just Thinkin'
Aug 19 : 07:02pm
Looking for someone near Serrano Campground.

Aug 19 : 07:02pm

Just Thinkin'
Aug 19 : 07:00pm
Hmmm, kinda doubt that..

Benny (N6BWX)
Aug 19 : 06:59pm
Getting ready for the eclipse!

Just Thinkin'
Aug 19 : 06:55pm
Sheriff's helicopter orbiting near BB observatory. What's up?

Aug 19 : 06:39pm
Reading bills grandson's post I stand corrected, so Boots, it might have made it to Canada! Lol

bills grandson
Aug 19 : 05:18pm
These happen several times a year and are very deceptive. I saw one that made us duck it seemed so close. we were starting up the back grade and it lit up Lucerne valley like day and seemed to hit near jack rabbit dry lake. We turned around and there was nothing. Learned the next day it was last seen heading NW off of San Francisco. I doubt if it even landed.

Aug 19 : 12:02pm
Hey Boots, at the speed it was traveling I would have to say it clearly would have been in the desert somewhere between Lucerne and Barstow.

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