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Nov 28 : 02:19am
Nite all, do ROCK and MGS work on the Friday after Thanksviging?

bills grandson
Nov 28 : 02:17am
RRH kind of took the day off working on the car. Having some trouble getting a package from the post office. I have never had anything lost before but this one is avoiding me. Tracking is not working right and it is nowhere to be found. Went out to get Dinner and found my friend quit managing the restaurants. But got a good meal then came home and slept. I guess I will be sleeping at night mostly so I am not to reliable for night show. Glad others are jumping in. Not sure how long I will be on tonight. Hope everyone had a good holiday. Glad the resorts are ramping up. Hope Big Bear has a good season

glen defilippis
Nov 28 : 01:23am
you too have a good one be back on tomorrow

Nov 28 : 01:03am
Sleep well, Glen.

glen defilippis
Nov 28 : 01:00am
goodnight everyone

Nov 28 : 12:49am
I never said that. I'm way too humble.

glen defilippis
Nov 28 : 12:45am
yes I did a very good one thanks for letting me know you are a cool person

Nov 28 : 12:43am
Did you have a good Thanksgiving BGS?

Nov 28 : 12:37am

Nov 28 : 12:37am
Black Friday. Buy t online. Free shipping, no hassles.

glen defilippis
Nov 28 : 12:34am

Nov 28 : 12:32am
Don't go out tomorrow.

glen defilippis
Nov 28 : 12:31am
thank you for getting back to me

glen defilippis
Nov 28 : 12:28am
live in riverside ca near mall

Nov 28 : 12:27am
Where do you live, Glen?

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