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Dec 22 : 02:45am
And a good morning to John and the pebble. Nite all.

army police
Dec 22 : 02:39am
goodnight all you mountain people

army police
Dec 22 : 02:37am
you have a goodnight ok talk to you soon ok

army police
Dec 22 : 02:34am
thanks for your service too redhat

army police
Dec 22 : 02:32am
you are welcome

Dec 22 : 02:29am
Thanx for your service to our nation.

army police
Dec 22 : 02:27am
I bet you saw a lot after 37 years

army police
Dec 22 : 02:26am
I was a captain too in the us army proud at that you should be too

army police
Dec 22 : 02:24am
good for you 37 years beats me

army police
Dec 22 : 02:09am
but todays police like shooting and pulling there guns out that's not right at all

Dec 22 : 02:04am
I'm a retired Captain from Orange County Fire. Hung it up after 37 years.

army police
Dec 22 : 02:02am
1971 to 1993

army police
Dec 22 : 02:01am
it sure is

army police
Dec 22 : 02:01am
what was your occupation

Dec 22 : 02:00am
That's the objective of law enforcement, isn't it?

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