Vine-like weed?
Cap'n Crunch, Thu Jul 04 2019, 10:32AM

Can anyone help identify this vine-like weed that has cropped up in numerous patches this year. Is it a weed or could it be from an ornamental plant? The leaves are about 3/4 to 1".

Re: Vine-like weed?
MountainDog, Sun Aug 25 2019, 09:55PM

Hello, it might be a morning glory / bindweed. There is a native morning glory that grows in the valley. It is not at all aggressive like the introduced species that grow down the hill. Does it have arrow-shaped leaves and small creamy morning glory like flowers?

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Re: Vine-like weed?
Lumber Jill ⭐, Sun Sep 01 2019, 04:43PM

Bindweed. I yank everyone I see. It will smother smaller plants/seedlings. Prolific.