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Sep 18 : 09:11am
Channel 5 just announced the sad death of our firefighter that had disappeared last night while battling the beast fir us. A few hours later he or she was found dead. Very upsetting!! They have not announced the name yet. RIP hero!!

Sep 18 : 09:08am
The main gist from that update:

“Fire burned with increased intensity along Hwy 38 near the Pinezanita area. Spotting occurred within the indirect fire line and did not cross Hwy 38. The spots fires were quickly extinguished by the ground resources working in the area. Structure protection continues from Pinezanita to Jenks Lake by increasing defensible space, hose line placement and fire line construction. The road has been widened to create a better fire break and assist fire resources with containing the fire south of Hwy 38.

The fire progressed past Forsee Creek and continues to burn northeast towards San Bernardino Peak as the upcanyon winds align with topography.

There are no active spot fires that have crossed Hwy 38.”

“There is NO evacuation directive for Big Bear residents AT THIS TIME.”

Airport Razz
Sep 18 : 09:03am
, might as well be handing out road flares at the bottom of the hill. As for the 'Safe and Sane' 'Warning', it is considered to be 'Safe' when a 'Sane' person follows the use specifications to the 'T'. Anything other than that is 'voiding' the warnings so no responsibiity. Sort of like paint that is guaranteed until you actually paint it on an outside wall up here.

Sep 18 : 09:02am
Also Skyline Drive posted the current InciWeb update here:

[Click Here]

Skyline Drive
Sep 18 : 08:52am
Dollar Tree in Big bear selling TIKI torches

Sep 18 : 08:49am
thx SilentSky.

in regards to maps, I suppose spots are not shown, but maybe established spots dictate the placement of the fire line. the main thing: the line is still south of the 38. (Awesome!)

Sep 18 : 08:44am
Has anyone heard what forest this individual was from?

Sep 18 : 08:43am
I'm not actually defending anyone. I'm just appalled that these things are allowed to be marketed and sold as a bit of "harmless fun". My true ire is for the fireworks stands at 40th and Waterman because technically they're legal in the city of SB but obviously aimed at travelers about to head up the mountain.

Sep 18 : 08:42am
McToddy, InciWeb posted this fire perimeter map at about 7:13 am that shows a detail map of the Pinezanita and Hwy 38 area (NOTE: Maps represent approximate information.):

[Click Here]

Mtn Girl2
Sep 18 : 08:37am
In memory of the fallen.
Prayers to the family, friends and brothers/sister of this fallen hero.
Last Alarm

Sep 18 : 08:33am
Does anyone know how last night's spotting (slop) turned out this morning?

Cap'n Crunch
Sep 18 : 08:27am
In addition to reckless endangerment laws, there is such a thing as reckless burning. Reckless burning is when someone recklessly starts a fire or causes an explosion which endangers human life.

Sep 18 : 08:17am
USFS: #ElDoradoFire Update

Acres burned: 21,678
Containment: 66%
Personnel: 1,351
Injuries: 12
Fatality: 1
Evacuated: 3,467
Structures threatened: 26,031
Homes damaged: 2
Homes destroyed: 4
Outbuildings damaged: 4
Outbuildings destroyed: 6

More: [Click Here] [Click Here]

Sep 18 : 08:17am
Feel sorry for the unborn child who has parents who lack critical thinking abilities.

Sep 18 : 08:16am
God bless our firefighter heroes. Each of them risk EVERYTHING for us every day. May the fallen firefighter Rest In Peace and his family and friends be comforted in his bravery.

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