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Jul 16 : 08:12am
bman, I used Moffet years ago but I think Tom retired and not sure who owns it now. I need one too so I am interested on who you find.

Jul 16 : 08:11am
Frank the Dozer Guy is grading Van Dusen today!!!

sned (KT7P)
Jul 16 : 08:11am
Cap'n Crunch... mile post 37.30 is the middle passing lane and mile post 39.06 is the Fifth Fountain... Now you know!

Jul 16 : 07:46am
Good morning, everyone I want to get in the habit of wishing everyone this everyday I wake up.

Jul 16 : 07:37am
Anyone have a suggestion for a good inexpensive local BB plumber for some very minor plumbing issues?

Jul 15 : 08:41pm
I love all the insurance suggestions! We have Mercury Ins on our full time home in BBL. We haven't received a cancellation notice yet... We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Jul 15 : 08:37pm
EvaJ, I ask AAA a years ago and they would not write up here and my house and car down the hill is with them. Maybe I will ask again.

Jul 15 : 08:36pm
I am buying a house in Surgarloaf and getting quotes. First quote back is $1,978.00 so sounds like it's in line with what everyone is getting. Fire is Fair Plan.

Jul 15 : 08:32pm
Bman, my Mom said they got a straight policy. Maybe their offer was cheaper because it was bundled in with their house down the hill and their 2 cars.

Jul 15 : 06:35pm
TYPE: FIRE TYPE UNKNOWN AREA: TWIN PEAKS PINE TRL / FOREST GLEN RD - TPK X >ME26,ME94,FEDCOM,CALCOM,BC131 ~OAT/LON:34239318 /117249900 [1] %Z?90,[2] WPH2 LAT:34.23747000 LON:-117.249430 METERS:8 - [3] A cellular re-bid has occurred - check the ANI - ALI Viewer?for details - [4] SMOKE SEEN IN AREA - [5] Paging Groups Notified:USFS - AUTO-NOTIF - [6] Paging Groups Notified:_ALFIRE AUTO-NOTIF - [7] UNITS: ME26 ME94 FEDCOM CALCOM BC131 ~OAT/LON:34239318 /117249900 [1] WPH2 LAT:34.23773800 LON:-117.249430 METERS:22 %Z?90 [2] WPH
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Jul 15 : 06:08pm
Thanks Benny. Sounds like I will be getting same plan as your mom Except I have Allstate vs Farmers for theft. I checked Travelers and Farmers and recently AAA and best rate for me is w Allstate

Cap'n Crunch
Jul 15 : 05:29pm
Thanks QuietOne. The notice doesn't have a location map, but says the work is near RS at mile post 37 and 39 wherever that is.

Just Thinkin'
Jul 15 : 05:10pm
Thank You QuietOne, for ADVANCE notice about the upcoming full closure of Hwy 330! CalTrans rarely provides such a long-range heads-up.

Benny ⭐
Jul 15 : 04:58pm
I know my mom has CFP(California Fair Plan) for the fire portion of insurance for her cabin, then Farmers for theft. But it sounds like there's a difference if your on a dirt rd., vs not. I think Traveler's is still covering up here, I know people who do still have them. It's pretty confusing.

Jul 15 : 04:10pm
thanks, i get caltrans alerts but got NOTHING about this
Appreciate your heads up:)

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