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Dec 07 21: 12:03am
Have a great day from all of us at SCM!

Dec 06 21: 10:09pm
1st step, get KK some blue bins

Dec 06 21: 10:06pm
Razz, great '.being green isn't alway a cheap alternative..'
The initial setup structuring cost of going green, is huge, yes, be it no competition yet, only a bid that won.
It'll be like having a toilet to flush, or making toast soon enough. Second nature in 10-20 years...

Dec 06 21: 02:44pm
Siuber1 I really appreciate the comment. Trust me but when you have a large family over the Holidays that is impossible. We do our part to recycle EVERYTHING. A huge dumpster would probably be cheaper. We have goats, chickens and cows. We bought a dump trailer for the pine needles and animal waste. We just want our trash picked up. We lock our cans so the donkeys,bears and various other critters do not strew the trash all over the place. We work hard at this. So to get a dumpster what do we do? Pay more for stuff that is already in our taxes? I know, gotta leave CA.

Airport Razz
Dec 06 21: 02:32pm
The thing California keeps forgetting is being green isn't alway a cheap alternative, usually costs more in the long run. Problem is not every Californian at same pay grade as the politicians deciding how we have to spend OUR money.

Dec 06 21: 12:47pm
KK-we rinse out all our recycle soda, beer bottles, etc to prevent a sticky mess but now we’re wasting water!!! It’s a nightmare scenario with no easy solution

Dec 06 21: 12:25pm
Suggestions for a tire chain mechanic that can adjust chains to tires adding or taking out rings?

Dec 06 21: 10:41am
Happy Birthday, SCM ALERT!

Dec 06 21: 10:30am
This trash stuff has my head spinning!

Dec 06 21: 10:27am
Yes Happy Birthday SCM!

Dec 06 21: 09:14am
Happy birthday SCM! I like to celebrate with a donation. This is still the best place for mountain information!

Sun Diego
Dec 06 21: 08:49am
Our dump is full so they built a wall higher to hold the stuff and it will only hold for another year or so. At that time we will pay for our trash to be driven to Indian property. Will our taxes gp dpwm wjem ot mp longer pays for trash? I bet not.

Sun Diego
Dec 06 21: 08:47am
In San Diego we face the same trash problems. Our cans replacement is $75. plus $25 each for transportation. So if you order two cans and they come on one truck you pay $50 for them to be brought to my house. Also the plastic bags are a problem for the folks who sort the recycling. Paper goes into one pile, cans go into a second plastic into a third and glass into a fourth and other goes into another pile. The folks get tired of tearing open plastic bags and filling up their otehr pile with them. It time consuming and they just throw away all plastic bags even if they have recycling in them.

Airport Razz
Dec 06 21: 07:52am
Interesting, the plot, or the recycling pile thickens. When the CSD first shoved this insane program down our throats and only allowed us one regular trash bin, we were told we could have AS MANY RECYCLING BINS as we needed at no extra charge. Of course this was when the the new blue bins were 'unavalable'. Sort of like issueing me a notice of violation every week because animals love this one particular bin at the top of moonridgen but are the animal proof bins availabe.......NO... Again, no one running the show and the poor girls in the front office are fit to be tied anwering these quesitons with the same stupid reponses. Cut out services, don't reduce our taxes and cause this much strife. Yay! Heck, can't even get a recyucling bin, now or old, for the one in moonridge. Makes no sense.

Dec 06 21: 07:08am
Soon the food scraps recycling is going to be a goo nightmare. Or the messy mulch.

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